Nothing is ever easy….

I turn in a slow circle, keeping an eye out for the others getting too close.

“I’m scared,” Conor says. I give his slight frame a squeeze.

“Don’t worry,” I say. “We will be fine.”

“Where’s Max gone?”

“We have friends who are meant to be getting a helicopter ready.”

“Where are they?” Conor asks.

I nod toward the hangar. So far none of the others have noticed me or Conor but I know they will. I’m just glad that it isn’t a windy night. It is very still and that is helping us, stopping Conor’s almost human scent to spread. The problem is that no sooner have I thought it than an other turns and looks in my direction.

It lets out the mewling of a kitten and I wonder if there is a sort of language. I’m answered when five others turn and look in our direction.

“Shit,” I say.

Conor has gone quiet and I see that he is staring at the others, his eyes wide.

“Are they going to hurt me?” he asks.

“Not if I can help it,” I say.

I look around me, but apart from the burnt out terminal, all I can see is tarmac and a few abandoned planes. I slowly start to move toward one. It seems to be the only cover around. The others track me but none move. I’m considering sprinting when Max pushes his way through. He is followed by Colin.

They both jog toward us. Colin is covered in blood.

“What happened?”

Max reaches us first and takes Conor from me. Colin smiles at the sight of the kid. “Hey,” he says.

Conor smiles, but says nothing. I can understand that. Colin looks like he has bathed in blood.

“What happened?” I ask, again.

Colin looks at me and I see anger and hate in his eyes. “Eric shot me and then he and Aaron took off. I heard the sound of an aircraft and then nothing.”

“It’s a habit with you,” I say.

“What?” Colin says, sharply.

“Getting shot.”

Max tries to hide a smile, and Colin looks thunderous.

“Are you okay?” Conor asks.

“I am,” Colin says. “We are the good guys.”

“The cavalry,” Conor says.

“Yeah, I like that.”

“What now?” I ask.

Max shakes his head. I stand there at an impasse. We are back to where we were before we met Dee. We really need to get away from the damn airport.

“What about the Tate Modern?” I ask.

“What?” Max counters.

“I talked to the WHO and they said that there were soldiers who could help us at the Tate Modern.”

Colin nods and Max shrugs. “It’s worth a shot,” he says.

“Unless anyone knows how to fly?” I ask.

I notice that behind us the others are getting closer. “We need to move anyhow.”

We start off at a jog, trying to find the route to Paddington station. I think of the problems that Eric had and I stop. “You sure you heard a plane?”

“Yes,” Colin says.

“Where was that hanger with the helicopter?”

Max points out over the tarmac. “You think we ought to check?”

I nod. “Easier to check and then go to the Tate Modern if they have gone.”

“If they haven’t I’m killing Eric,” Colin says.

Conor looks at me with concern. “He doesn’t mean it. Colin will just have words with him.”

I notice that Conor relaxes when he’s with Maxand I realise that he must feel safe with him. But then I feel safe with him as well, so I can’t complain. Colin heads out toward the hangar that I can’t see.

“You heard a plane?” I ask.

“Yes,” Colin says, “but I was in a bit of pain at the time…”

“So they could still be there?” I ask.

Colin shrugs and breaks into a run. We all jog onto what appears to be endless tarmac. Behind us the shuffling gait of the others gets quieter as we pull away. I tell Colin about the smart gone.

“He talked to you?” he asks.

“Yes, and it was very creepy,” I say, not mentioning the fact that the creature scared me.

Max is listening and Conor is watching with wide fearful eyes. “He was different,” Max says. “Evolved.”

“Great,” says Colin. “As if we didn’t have enough to worry about.”

I interrupt them. “Is that it?”

In the distance I can see a large building. The sun is almost completely gone, but the moon is reflecting off the large frontage.

“Must be,” Colin says.

I slow. On the tarmac in something thin and black. I jog over and look down. Colin appears next to me and crouches.

“It’s the shotgun,” he says. He picks it up and checks it. “It’s empty.”

We all look toward the hangar. Why can nothing be easy?


About Kate

Kate Murray has recently completed her Masters in Creative Writing and is currently working as an illustrator and writer. Her first anthology of short stories ‘The Phantom Horse’ was published in December 2013 and she subsequently has had another anthology published by Raging Aardvark; “Love Just Is” looks at the truth of love, in all its guises from romantic to obsessive. She is currently working on an anthology of ghost stories which should be published at the end of October 2014 and is also writing her first novel. Kate runs two blogs, one is about her life as a writer ( and the other is a serialisation of a novel, “The Gone”; a disaster hits the world while Bitsy is on a flight from Italy. She lands to find that the world is completely altered and she must learn to survive in a place where everyone is not who they appear to be ( Kate has had short stories published in magazines and e-zines, including ‘The Lampeter Review’, ‘Jotter’s United’, and ‘What The Dickens’. She has had short stories included in the ‘Twisted Tales 2013’ anthology published by Raging Aardvark, and the ‘Busker Anthology’ and ‘Spooky Tales Anthology’ published by What the Dickens. Kate’s artwork has been exhibited at the Museum Of Modern Art in Machynlleth where she was selected after entering the art competition and at Aberglasney Gardens as part of the Mid Wales Art group. Her artwork has been published by companies from Norway to Australia and her latest works will have illustrations in it. She has also had a series of line drawings published by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust in their biodiversity action plan. Kate currently works in the foothill of the Cambrian Mountains where she has a purpose built workshop that she affectionately calls her ‘house’ as she spends far more time in there than anywhere else.
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