The Escape

“What if she doesn’t come back?” I ask, around a mouthful of biscuit.

Colin looks shocked, as if the idea of Dee not reappearing hadn’t crossed his mind. Max looks more resigned.

“Do we have a plan?” I ask.

Colin just looks between us.

Max nods. “The shelving uses metal supports, so I thought we could use them to punch a hole in the wall.”

“Why wait?” Colin asks.

“What?” Max says.

“Well, Dee is a piece of work. Why don’t we just punch through now?” Colin suggests.

“Not a bad idea,” I say.

“She will hear,” Max says, but I can hear he is thinking about something. “But it means we aren’t under her control.”

“Always a good thing,” Colin says and I smile.

Max walks over to the unused shelving across the back of the room. It’s held together with bolts and he is right, the struts are metal. Even if we don’t need them to get out, they will make a sort of weapon.

Leaving the guys to work out the shelves I go over to the door. The hinges are hidden inside the insulation. Placing my hand where I think they ought to be I push. I already know that the door opens outwards so this direction of force should be acting on the weakest bit.

I feel Max behind me. “What’re you doing?”

“Exerting some pressure.”

He places his hands above and next to mine. It does mean that he cages my body with his and I try not to think about his length against mine. I fail. I can feel myself responding to him. He gives a low chuckle, more like a rumbling growl.

I ignore it and push with more pressure onto the door. Max is sniffing my neck. What’s with that? I can only assume that our heightened senses let him recognise I want him. Goodness, this could get complicated, fast. I’m about to tell him to back off when the door gives a shriek and the hinge pops.

It doesn’t move much, but then I didn’t expect it to. There are two more to go.

“The next,” I say and I’m horrified that my voice sounds breathy and husky.

“Mmmm,” Max purrs and we both sink to the middle hinge.

“You guys need help?” Colin asks.

“No.” I think Max may be getting a little protective.

We go through the same actions and it gives far more quickly. For the last I think the best is to sit on the floor, so I take up a crossed legged seat and Max crouches behind me. He leans over me to get to the door. The result is that I am surrounded by him and I realise that he smells wonderful. I didn’t notice before. I mean, I realised he had a good body, but he didn’t smell like this.

As we push on the door I can’t help but lean back, he makes me feel safe.

“What are you guys doing?” Colin asks.

“Opening the door,” Max says, but his voice is low. His remark is punctuated by a pop and that side of the door moves out by about an inch.

We both stop and he gets up. I turn and walk a little away. Colin comes over and sniffs the air between us. “You smell the same.”

“What?” Max asks.

“Like you have swapped scents,” Colin says. “Or merged them.” He gets a wicked gleam in his eye and starts toward me. “Do you want to merge with me?” he asks suggestively.

I smile and am about to retort when Max steps in front of me.

“No.” His voice is little more than a growl.

Colin holds up his hands, palms out in a placating gesture. “No problem.”

As soon as Max turns to look at me Colin pulls a face, as if to ask if I can believe it. I shrug mentally. I understand the draw of the scent, but we have bigger things to worry about. So I ignore Max’s intense stare and turn to the door.

“Shall we leave then?”

“Hell, yeah,” Colin says. “I’m sick and tired of rooms that are trying to be boxes.”

Max says nothing, but his hand in the small of my back lets me know he agrees. I wonder how I know that he means that, but I quickly shrug it off. We have bigger fish to fry. I take a step forward but Colin beats me to it. In a parody of a martial arts style he kicks the door with a massive cry.

“So much for stealth,” I mumble.

The door falls outward, revealing more darkness. Surely the lights ought to be turned on?


About Kate

Kate Murray has recently completed her Masters in Creative Writing and is currently working as an illustrator and writer. Her first anthology of short stories ‘The Phantom Horse’ was published in December 2013 and she subsequently has had another anthology published by Raging Aardvark; “Love Just Is” looks at the truth of love, in all its guises from romantic to obsessive. She is currently working on an anthology of ghost stories which should be published at the end of October 2014 and is also writing her first novel. Kate runs two blogs, one is about her life as a writer ( and the other is a serialisation of a novel, “The Gone”; a disaster hits the world while Bitsy is on a flight from Italy. She lands to find that the world is completely altered and she must learn to survive in a place where everyone is not who they appear to be ( Kate has had short stories published in magazines and e-zines, including ‘The Lampeter Review’, ‘Jotter’s United’, and ‘What The Dickens’. She has had short stories included in the ‘Twisted Tales 2013’ anthology published by Raging Aardvark, and the ‘Busker Anthology’ and ‘Spooky Tales Anthology’ published by What the Dickens. Kate’s artwork has been exhibited at the Museum Of Modern Art in Machynlleth where she was selected after entering the art competition and at Aberglasney Gardens as part of the Mid Wales Art group. Her artwork has been published by companies from Norway to Australia and her latest works will have illustrations in it. She has also had a series of line drawings published by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust in their biodiversity action plan. Kate currently works in the foothill of the Cambrian Mountains where she has a purpose built workshop that she affectionately calls her ‘house’ as she spends far more time in there than anywhere else.
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