“What do you mean?” I ask.

But Dee ignores me instead she walks away, through the empty food counters and into the back.

“Bring him through,” she calls.

I look at Max. He shrugs and goes over to Colin who is out cold.

“I’ll take his body, if you grab his legs.”

Without waiting for an answer he picks Colin up in a sort of bear hug. I pick up his feet and we slowly move him into the back. I’m full of worries about the door and the thing outside that is pounding on it.

“Do you think it’ll hold?” I ask.

Max looks at the door. “It should.”

We carry on the slow stumble into the back. I can’t see Dee.

“Over here.”

Max steers us toward Dee’s voice. She is standing in front of an open door. The door seems to be the heavy duty kind and I can see that there is a sort of bolt on the outside.

“Is that a freezer?” I ask, stopping. I don’t want to hurt Colin.

“No,” Dee says. Max just stands silently. “It is the cold storage.”

I still don’t move.

Dee sighs. “I switched it off.”

“Bitsy, we have to put him in there,” Max says.

“Why?” I ask.

Max and Dee look at each other and I know that they both know something I don’t.

“He’s going to change,” Dee says.

I just look at her. My arms are starting to shake from the effort of holding Colin off the ground and I have to drop his legs. No sooner have I done it than Max starts to drag him back.

“How do you know he’ll change?”

“They all do,” Dee answers and her voice is so hollow I just stand there and watch Max drag Colin into the room. At one point his shoe falls off and the sock underneath has a hole in the heel. It makes him appear more real and for a moment I consider stopping them, but there in the back ground is the insistent pounding. What if Colin really does change into one of those things? At least if he doesn’t we can let him out later, but if he does then he is contained. But it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Max walks out of the storeroom and Dee closes the door, throwing the bolt. She turns and places her back to it. Crossing her arms she looks from me to Max.

“Okay, so what are you doing here? And how come he knows what’s going on and you don’t?”

I look to Max but he stares at the floor. So I start to explain. I wish we were sitting down, but standing in the back of the kitchens I lay out everything from the blood at the airport to finding out Max is involved. Finally my voice trails off. Dee stands there and nods. She walks back toward the canteen and I notice that the pounding has stopped.

Max is looking at me but his expression is blank. I try a hesitant smile but he has already turned away and is walking after Dee. For a moment I feel guilty as if I have betrayed his trust, except I’m not certain he has earned it. Not yet. There are just too many unanswered questions.


About Kate

Kate Murray has recently completed her Masters in Creative Writing and is currently working as an illustrator and writer. Her first anthology of short stories ‘The Phantom Horse’ was published in December 2013 and she subsequently has had another anthology published by Raging Aardvark; “Love Just Is” looks at the truth of love, in all its guises from romantic to obsessive. She is currently working on an anthology of ghost stories which should be published at the end of October 2014 and is also writing her first novel. Kate runs two blogs, one is about her life as a writer (kate0murray.wordpress.com) and the other is a serialisation of a novel, “The Gone”; a disaster hits the world while Bitsy is on a flight from Italy. She lands to find that the world is completely altered and she must learn to survive in a place where everyone is not who they appear to be (thegone.wordpress.com). Kate has had short stories published in magazines and e-zines, including ‘The Lampeter Review’, ‘Jotter’s United’, and ‘What The Dickens’. She has had short stories included in the ‘Twisted Tales 2013’ anthology published by Raging Aardvark, and the ‘Busker Anthology’ and ‘Spooky Tales Anthology’ published by What the Dickens. Kate’s artwork has been exhibited at the Museum Of Modern Art in Machynlleth where she was selected after entering the art competition and at Aberglasney Gardens as part of the Mid Wales Art group. Her artwork has been published by companies from Norway to Australia and her latest works will have illustrations in it. She has also had a series of line drawings published by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust in their biodiversity action plan. Kate currently works in the foothill of the Cambrian Mountains where she has a purpose built workshop that she affectionately calls her ‘house’ as she spends far more time in there than anywhere else.
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  2. Have only seen this clip, but it’s definitely intriguing!

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    I was a little behind so I got to read a couple of pages in a row which was great 🙂

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